Monday, 29 April 2013

A quick recap

Ah I knew the internet would be good to me! I'm so grateful to everyone who was warm and welcoming about my return to blogging. I thought it might be useful to run through (almost) everything that's happened since I stopped blogging.

In 2011 I was living in Glasgow, working two part time jobs and studying towards my degree in Health and Social Care. I loved Glasgow, it was an amazing city and I made some wonderful friends but I had no time and no money and it felt like I had no opportunities ahead of me.

In August 2011 I went to Edinburgh for a week for the Fringe festival and spent all my time with a guy I knew from Twitter. That guy became my guy. (Ask me sometime, I love to tell the story.) Alas, he did not live in Glasgow. Pretty quickly the decision was made that one of us would have to move in order for us to be closer together and it absolutely made the best sense for that person to be me.

My sister was already living in London and she and her boyfriend had a room available to rent so I opted to relocate asap. I started to look for work and as it turned out an amazing job was available with the charity I'd already volunteered for for 3 years. I applied, it was between me and one other person but sadly I was unsuccessful. GUTTED.

Nevertheless, I forged ahead with my plans and was all set to move on January 12th 2012 and hunt for some temp work as soon as I arrived. Anything would have been better than the crappy jobs I had in Glasgow. On January 5th I was packing up my life and got a phone call saying that the woman who'd taken the job had since found another and the position was mine if I still wanted it. COULD NOT BELIEVE IT.

So I moved on the Thursday, started work on the Monday and so far have had an incredible 15 months doing some amazing work for a really great organisation. I live in a lovely flat in one of the best bits of London (I've since learnt that almost all Londoners think their bit is the best bit) and get to experience this wonderful city every day.

That guy is still my guy and in the last couple of years we've been on some amazing adventures including trips to Sweden and New York (more on these later) with several more planned. I've been eating some really good food (there really is nowhere like London for variety) and learning to like wine. I'm still studying part time, learning and challenging myself every day. I've learnt to like exercise (although not right now because I just did my first workout in six weeks and almost spewed) and even how to cycle in London.

I've got good people in my life, wonderful friends in London and afar, a fruit and veg manny round the corner who does bowls of everything for a quid and at least once a week I am struck by the sudden realisation that HOLY CRAP I LIVE IN LONDON.

And now I'm blogging again, so I don't really see how things can get much better right now! I still feel like I'm finding my feet so throughout May I'll be taking part in the Blog Every Day in May challenge created by Elizabeth from Rosalilium which will be just the creative boost I need to get going.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Where to begin

Well this feels all too familiar whilst simultaneously overwhelming and terrifying.

You see, dearest Internet, I've been here before. Oh I remember well the feeling of frantically typing away, hitting publish, sitting back and going TA-DA WORLD! READ MY WORDS! and I have missed it.

It's just over five years since I hastily knocked together my old blog and almost two since I last updated it. In the interim I wrote almost 600 posts, learnt an astonishing lot about myself (and the world) and made some wonderful friends. I blogged about money (at first), cooking, exploring, reading, learning, loving. If it happened to me, I blogged about it. I thought I sat firmly in the camp of personal finance bloggers but looking back I really just hovered around the edges whilst doing my best impression of what I think is now commonly known as a lifestyle blogger.

I was frank but I was also naive and entirely winging the technical stuff, knowing zilch about everything it feels like you gotta know in order to run a blog these days. Life got busy and I didn't like myself quite so much and the blogging world ran off ahead while I was still figuring out how to tie my laces (that's a metaphor, I learnt how to tie laces when I was four years old, thank you very much). I know more now, and at times I feel cursed by this knowledge. I am cautious about being frank and outspoken on the internet, at times it feels like a woman can't even breathe near a computer without being judged or trolled, that just didn't happen to me before.

I don't exactly know what kind of blogger I am now, and am not convinced I need to be anything at all. I know I have things to say, for I am always thinking, analysing, reflecting, forever jotting down ideas and witticisms (nobody finds me more hilarious than myself) then cussing at myself for having no (digital) space of my very own in which to make my mark.

So today I've done it. I've made this space, my very own space and there shall be no more excuses. I'm a little bit scared but BOY AM I EXCITED! It's just thinking, which I do all the time, and typing, which I do all. the. time. Thinking and typing, I've totally got this. Oh, dearest Internet, please be gentle.