Wednesday, 22 May 2013

13 year old me looks ridiculous

I was 13 in 1998. 

I looked like this:

Actually, I think I might be 15 in that photo. In which case at 13 I looked like this:

I hadn't yet started to dye my hair so these are probably the last au natural photos in existence.

I LOVED that Kickers jumper and wore those hideous camouflage stretchy trousers (which hung from my skinny frame) far more that I like to admit. I believe that in this photo I was wheeling around on my little sister's trike waiting for my nailvarnish to dry. No I don't understand my motivations either. Nice scowl, huh?

I loved Joshua Jackson and Leo DiCaprio but hated boys at school who just did not understand me AT. ALL.

I mainly listened to Now That's What I Call Music... compilations on tape but I was just starting to buy CDs. 

My favourite shows were Dawson's Creek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I was quite moody and argued with my sisters a lot but had good friends. My response to every request for help around the house was "IN A MINUTE!"

In school I liked English, Drama and French. I really enjoyed Woodwork and Metalwork but ditched these for Textiles in year 9.

I read a lot but don't recall what other than Judy Blume, Point Horror books and magazines with quizzes in them.

I hadn't kissed a boy yet but hoped I'd meet one like Wolf from Tiger Eyes (not Wolf from Gladiators).

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. In a school careers test I came out high for cable installation technician. Didn't quite feel like my calling.

I hated my ears because they stuck out for miles and dreaded P.E. or any occasion where I'd have to tie my hair up. Luckily I grew into 'em.

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  1. 13 year old me listened to Metallica and couldn't be arsed much.

    I did pretty well at school but got bullied a lot, bullied for being English, for being youngest, for being shortest, for just being it seemed to me.

    I'd kissed girls, and I'm ashamed to say I got more from the laddish jeering afterwards than the act itself. The momentary acceptance made me feel normal.

    I played a lot of video games, I started reading about them too, understanding what went into making them. 13 year old me decided that's what 21 year old me wanted to do.

    I fought a lot with my brother, and it's the only time in my life he's ever really been around. I had a lot of breaks and sprains.

    I watched endless reruns of bad Anime and wished I'd been born in a different timezone.

    None of my clothes fit me properly, partly because I liked it that way, partly because my mum was wary of an impending growth spurt (she was right).

    I had nothing to do during holiday, my mother was at work, I thought it was unfair that she had to pay for care as well as school so I found a way around it, I started going away with the Navy, and later Army, whenever I could. I loved it.

    The last day of being 13 I met someone really nice, her name was Alex, she was my diving buddy. She thought it was really cool that I got a copy of Baldur's Gate the next day and made a big deal out of unwrapping my presents and got the mess to sing me Happy Birthday at Dinner. I can still remember the trifle, I've always hated trifle, but I remember it being okay that day.