Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday fun

I am almost 28 and for the first time in my working life I get bank holidays off and LORD DOES IT FEEL GOOD!

For years I worked in customer services jobs where bank holidays were prime consumer time and I always worked through them. Although I did occasionally get time and a half, I always just really wanted to be outside having a day off.

I do feel that we have been a bit swizzed on bank hols this year. Last year we got an extra day for the Queen's Jubilee, the year before an extra day for the Royal Wedding but this year it's just standard. According to Wikipedia, before 1834 we got 33 bank holidays which I would be totally on board with bring back!

I'm not complaining though. Bank holidays mean a rare long weekend with my guy, lots of lazing about, eating and drinking and hopefully a bit of sunshine too.

I do always seem to forget however, that it doesn't mean less work, simply that you have to fit five days into four upon your return. I think I'll push that thought away until tomorrow...

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  1. Oh. That's a good point about the same amount of work in less time. Didn't think about that... Yeeeeah! Let's just ignore that until tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day!