Friday, 3 May 2013

Day in the life - the apps I love

At the moment my week days are generally very similar. Get up, go to work, get shit done, come home and study/exercise/eat/watch TV/read (delete as applicable, I certainly don't get them all done). I thought it would be fun to take a look at the apps that I use throughout the day, the stuff that I absolutely depend on and the stuff that sucks away my time. I have an Android phone so all the links below are for the Google Play store but most of these will be available on iOS too.

My alarm app goes off and I wake up and check the Met Office app for the weather forecast. It's a really reliable app which gives tells me what the weather will be like throughout the day. While I'm thinking about what I'll wear based on the weather I check any emails and Twitter updates that came in overnight. I use Twicca which can sometimes be a little slow but I love it because of the mute function and the ability to add colours to my favourite people, handy so I don't skim over them in my feed!

My guy lives away and we only see each other at weekends so I'll usually say good morning on Talk and if I've got time to kill I have a quick look at Google+, Instagram and Pinterest too. I also check my banking app every morning.

Once I'm at work I hardly touch my phone but I do use a couple of apps that have Chrome extensions. LOVE THAT STUFF! For productivity I use Springpad to collect and curate useful stuff. It's a great site that allows you to create Notebooks and within those you can store notes, links, to-do lists etc. I've been using it for a while now and absolutely love it. I have collaborative notebooks shared with my guy and we used them to plan Christmas and a trip to New York in March. It's also great for collecting useful articles and research related to projects I'm doing at work. Also recipes and restaurant recommendations, because, y'know, I love to eat.

I upload the odd Instagram pic here and there and tweet throughout the evenings when I'm distracted from studying. I generally plan my meals for the week in advance but if I'm looking for a bit of food inspiration I use Epicurious and when I'm buying groceries I check In Season so I know what will be fresh and cheap. I love longform articles so if I come across any during the day I save them to Readability then usually have a session storming through those at the weekend.

At 10pm I get an alert from Any.DO, a really handy productivity app that helps me plan my day. My mind is usually really busy right before bed so this is the perfect app for jotting down tasks and allocating a time to do them. I'll tick off everything I've done and add a few things.

On weekends I tend to use more apps, namely Maps, Tube map, Barclays Bikes and Yelp because we're often out and about in London and lots of it is still new and exciting. I used Feedly to manage blog subscriptions but rarely have time to check it during the week so have a good read through on Saturday mornings.

Sometimes I feel rather overwhelmed by how much technology I use. I estimate I spend about 12-15 hours a day looking at screens which is frankly ridiculous. Once I'm in bed I try not to use my phone and opt for a book or magazine instead. I used to think I wouldn't be able to cope without it but last summer I went kayaking in Sweden for 5 days with no phone or internet and didn't miss it once. I actively try to use my phone less at weekends just to stop bombarding my brain with information but, for the most part, I love the apps that I use and how easy they make my life.

What apps do you love?

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  1. this was really interesting and got me thinking about how many apps i use. i think i use less than you, as i still have a paper diary that i put all of my plans in, but i do rely on a lot of apps without really realising.

    i might have to spend a week in the future where i make a note everytime i use and app and what i use it for, just to see. :)

    have a lovely day.
    Carry x