Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My morning ritual

I wake up at 6:45 and steal a few precious moments snuggling with my guy before I get out of bed, drink a glass of water and throw on my running gear. I do a few warm up stretches before heading out for a 5k run around my neighbourhood and I switch my route up a lot so no two days are the same.

When I get home I shower, moisturise, style my hair and put on my make-up. I dress in the outfit I selected before I went to bed last night and go through to the kitchen to eat breakfast. Most days I'll have muesli and fruit but some days I'll go for eggs on toast. I always have a fresh fruit smoothie with plenty of green veg packed in.

I always make lunch the night before so I can save time in the morning. I head out the door at 8:15 so I can have a leisurely walk to work and be at my desk before 9.

Now would that really be so hard to achieve?

It would certainly be my ideal morning ritual but for many reasons I just cannot make it happen. For a start, my guy lives away so he's only here at weekends. I am not a person who can exercise in the morning, I have tried and it makes me want to throw up at the side of the road (6:45 is not so early that people don't witness this). 

I am extremely good friends with my snooze button so normally sleep for just a bit too long and therefore my true morning ritual is frequently hurried. I do use this snooze time to check the weather and decide what I'll wear. I check my emails, Twitter and message my guy to say good morning. I shower, dry shampoo my hair (coloured hair requires fewer washes), moisturise if I remember and apply my make-up in less than 3 minutes (years of practice).

I try to eat breakfast at home but if I'm short on time I'll eat some fruit on the way to work or some muesli once I'm at my desk. Our blender makes so much noise it would be frankly rude to make smoothies in the morning though I do always at least have a glass of water.

Historically I have sucked at taking home made lunches to work but I am improving. It happens about 4 days out of 5 and most of that is prepared the night before so that's one good thing.

I leave at 8:25 and have a brisk 35 minute walk to work so that I can be at my desk at 9. I suppose this technically counts as exercise but I do wish I was able to get up and feel able to be active as soon as I get out of bed.

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  1. i miss being able to walk to work!

  2. Haha I read the 1st part and thought you were super human! PS - Loving that you are back blogging :) x

  3. I nearly had a coronary at that first section. Phew. You're human after all. x