Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My top longreads in July

This is a regular feature where I share some of the best longform articles I've read over the past month. Busy month!

Orange is the New Black: The New Way To See Prisoners - I've swiftly become addicted to this show on Netflix, do watch it if you aren't already hooked!

I'm Good With Myself - Fantastic interview with Orange is the New Black's Laverne Cox who plays Sofia. (Not technically a longread but I loved this and I promise that not all of these links are about OITNB!)

Suddenly We're Ubiquitous - There are thousands of photos of us that we don't know exist. What will happen when they all become public? Interesting thinking!

How Googling Unmasks Child Abuse - What web searches can tell us about crime rates. Great read for data nerds like me.

All My Exes Live In Texts - Why the social media generation never really breaks up.

Kids, the Internet and the End of Privacy - From 2007 but still utterly relevant today.

The American Male at Aged Ten - A beautiful, touching memoir.

My Mom Couldn't Cook - How one author's childhood meals shaped his attitude to food.

Difficult Women - On the downfall of Sex and the City, a show I really think would have different meaning if I watched it again now.

Marooned at the End of the World - In 1913, an Alaskan exhibition when horribly wrong when a ship carrying 31 people froze in the ice. What happened next terrified me.

Miss Teen America Find Freedom for a Day - 18 year old Eleana joins a wilderness summer camp for 'troubled' girls. This was a really sweet but sad read.

Up and then Down - This is a story about lifts (or elevators!) and what happened when a man got trapped in one for 41 hours. I will now think of this every time I get in a lift.

Learning About Humanity on Public Transportation - Life on the NYC subway can be amazing and horrific.

The Long Run - A lovely piece about the winner of a race that the locals thought he had no business entering.

The End of the Hangup - With the increase in smartphones, how can we show our outrage on the telephone? 

As Freezing Persons Recollect the Snow, First Chill, Then Stupor, Then Letting Go - The cold hard facts about freezing to death. I ski, I love mountains and so this frightened me quite a lot.

Vince Gilligan on the End of Breaking Bad - Another TV piece, the final season returns in two weeks and this gave some great insights into how the show is written.

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