Monday, 1 July 2013

My top longreads in June

Sometime around last Christmas, I discovered the joyous world of long-form reading. A world where news is delivered in more (far more) than 140 characters, where words demand more than 30 seconds of my attention, where mysteries are solved, solutions to world problems are sought and my horizons are infinitely broadened.

Internet, long-form reading has changed my life. I am reading more often, learning about a variety of topics, subjects I never thought I'd find so compelling, and with it I'm developing a greater appreciation for journalism.

When something sparks intrigue I share it to my Readability app and then take myself off somewhere quiet a few times a week to devour as many pieces as possible. I sometimes share these on Twitter, sometimes in a G+ community I'm in, and I thought it would be good to share a selection with you every month.

Here are some of my favourite pieces I read in June 2013:

Scrubbed - The murky world of black-ops reputation management

Flick Chicks - I'm getting a big kick out of anything Mindy Kaling related at the moment so her piece on female stereotypes was a good revisit

Overfed An A Mother's Affection - The Modern Love section of the New York Times is an endless source of heartwarming reads

Say It Out Loud - How David Sedaris improves his writing by reading to crowds

I Made $570k Last Year, But I Don't Feel Rich - The Billfold has consistently good interviews that reveal how money affects us differently

The Suspects Wore Louboutins - The true story behind the film The Bling Ring which I really want to see

Private Ceremonies - A counsellor in an abortion clinic shares her own personal experience


  1. YES! Please do keep doing this. I absolutely loved some of those you recommended to me a while ago. I've copied a load of these to Pocket for future reading.