Thursday, 12 September 2013

3 fun things I've been up to lately

1. A play

My guy and I are huge fans of the comedian Daniel Kitson and so we were really excited to hear he has written a play called Tree, starring himself and fellow funnyman Tim Key. We were even more excited to see a work in progress performance at the Battersea Arts Centre last weekend. It's hard to say much about this show without spoiling it but I think I'm OK with telling you that it's about two men, and a tree.

As it was a work in progress show, this was the tree. I quite liked it.

Daniel Kitson Tree - Work in Progress

The show was wonderful, even with a few glitches which I actually think added to the experience. Kitson is a brilliantly clever writer and the story has really stuck with me all week. If the show ends up touring in your area, just go, I can practically guarantee you'll love it and I'll pay for your ticket if you don't!

Side note: If you've never been to the Battersea Arts Centre, do find a reason to go as it's a gorgeous building!

2. Some goats

We've recently started going for long walks most weekends and this week we took the Thames Path from London Bridge to North Greenwich (TEN MILES! BOOYAAAH!!). The Thames Path is a really nice and quiet walk which changes with every mile.

Along the walk we passed Surrey Docks Farm and, being from the countryside, farm animals excite me quite a lot. We had a wander in an and discovered a huge courtyard full of goats and chickens.

This chicken made me laugh a lot because it looks like it's wearing trousers.

We bought a bag of feed for the goats who then mounted the wall to get closer to it. This spritely thing was my favourite.

Goat at Surrey Docks FarmGoat at Surrey Docks Farm

London's city farms are always a good visit and generally free so if you live here and fancy a bit of nature I recommend getting yourself to one soon!

3. Craft beers

On Saturday night we headed to the Meantime Brewery for a brewery tour to celebrate a friend's birthday. I've never been to a brewery before but I do like beer so it was really exciting to see the production line, sample some beers and learn about the history of the company. Meantime is a brand I'm seeing more and more often in London pubs so it was nice to meet some of the staff and see the machinery where it all comes from.

Our tour guide Alex was frankly hilarious and greeted me by bellowing "PRINCESS! I FUCKING LOVE YOUR HAAAAYUUUUR" across the room. Which is the kind of greeting that makes a person my instant best friend.

Plays, goats and beers make for a pretty good weekend it turns out!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My top longreads in August

This is a regular feature where I share some of the best longform articles I've read over the past month. As I approach the end of my uni course, August hasn't left much time for reading so some of these are shorter pieces than usual but I hope you'll still find them interesting! Do let me know which are your favourites either in the comments on on Twitter.

The Nando's High Five black card - the ultimate loyalty card that nobody knows how to get.

Return to the rainforest - A son's search for his Amazonian mother.

Clawback - Why we're still paying a fortune for lobster, despite abundant harvests.

The Radioactive Boy Scout - An old piece from 1998, this is a lovely piece about a boy who may have been a little too keen on science!

The Mood Graph - How our emotions are taking over the web.

The Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs - Fascinating read, how bullshit is your job?

I Want to Make Love to You Like In the Movies - Probably the most moving piece I've read all month, the ending totally gripped me.

The Grandmothers of "Gone Girl" - a look at the queens of domestic suspense (warning, this made me purchase books!)

The Trauma of Being Alive - Thoughts on love and loss.

The Poorest Rich Kids in the World - Incredible piece on heirs to a fortune whose childhood was filled with abuse and neglect. This is an incredibly important issue to me, as many still believe neglect only happens to poorer families.

How Much is a Life Worth? - Unbelievable interview with the man whose job it is to determine how victims are compensated in tragedies.

Promiscuous Reading - Oh yeah, that's definitely something I can relate to!

The Current State of Restaurant Criticism - As a regular reviewer, this struck me as a really important read. Particularly good if you rely on reviews from Yelp, Trip Advisor et al.

Jumpers - TRIGGER WARNING. This is a very detailed piece about the Golden Gate Bridge and it's tragic heritage.

How Medium is Building a New Kind of Company With no Managers - Good stuff in here on how to manage as well as be managed. Lots to learn from I think!

Be Cool or Be Cast Out - The agony of understanding your teens.

Porn: The Shocking Truth - One teacher's experience of how porn is warping teenage attitudes to sex.

How "Real" is Orange is the New Black? - Great analysis of the TV show compared with the memoir. Only read this if you've finished watching the show! Which I have, and now dearly miss.

The Pleasure of Reading Recipes - My cookbook shelf will attest to the power of this!

Yotam Ottolenghi on Being a Gay Father - This was just beautiful and so heartwarming. See also Charlie Condou's piece in the September issue of Red, which is not available online.

The Old Man at Burning Man - Wells Towers went to the infamous festival with his aging father.

The School Bus Turned Food Truck - A new way to help hungry children.

Tales from the $20 Handouts - Beautifully presented, here are the stories of five NYC recipients of $20 who were told they had to give it away.

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