Thursday, 3 October 2013

My top longreads in September

Very short collection this month! The first part of September was spent frantically finishing an essay about ethics for uni and the second part was spent frantically celebrating the fact that uni is over by seeing about a bajillion people.

Here's what I read this month. Let me know what you think!

Post Water-Cooler TV - Interviews with writers from top shows like House of Cards, Scandal and Dexter on how they create TV worth talking about

How Chris McCandless Died - Jon Krakauer follows up on his book Into The Wild. I've been interested in this story for a long time!

The Briefcase - A high school class unpick the incredible history of a man whose briefcase and contents were found in a storage room

100 Pop Culture Things That Make You a Millenial - I spent this whole article going "AWWW YEAAAH!!" every few minutes

Sexting, Shame and Suicide - I actually found some of the language used to describe women in this piece really appalling but it's a good insight into the world where assault and digital meet

Friends Without Benefits - Nancy Jo Sales (The Bling Ring) explores the impact porn culture has on young women in America

A Walker in the City - A lovely story about a 67 year old man who has walked every street in New York City. Made me want to hop on a plane instantly!

To Donate Your Kidney, Click Here - What happens to the organ donor process when you use the power of social media

The Closure-Happy 'Breaking Bad' Finale - I've followed Emily Nussbaum's writing throughout the Season 5 closing episodes and this is a great write up. Full of spoilers, obviously, so don't read this unless you've finished the show

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