Tuesday, 16 September 2014

9 Day Liver Detox - Day 2

Well it's day two and as I near the end of it I'm feeling quite positive, but today has been a struggle if I'm honest.

Patrick's book talks about possibly feeling withdrawal symptoms as your body reacts to ridding itself of toxins and a life without wheat, milk, caffeine and alcohol but I didn't honestly expect to feel so shitty. I've had a weird, all encompassing headache all day, and a couple of strong waves of nausea. My mouth feels claggy (normal, apparently) and I just wanted to crawl back into bed the moment I got home from work.

Despite not being a huge caffeine drinker, I have really craved a coffee today, not helped by some people on my floor at work brewing a delicious smelling cup the moment I walked in the door! I've also been craving milk a lot. A milky drink specifically, despite the fact that I never drink it. A longing for the sweet hot chocolates of my childhood I think. This is a very silly craving because I don't think it's actually that unusual for me to go two days without milk, so perhaps it's all in my head. Or possibly I consume more of it than I think, as milk is in so many food products that it's hard to keep track of.

Randomly I've also got a really strong craving for Wotsits, which I don't think I've eaten for about 15 years!

I've stuck to the plan all day though starting with a breakfast of mixed fruit pieces sprinkled with the essential seed mix. I've ground a whole jar of this and am keeping it in the fridge so it's a very easy breakfast to prepare. Snacks today were hummus and crudités (a regular fave!) followed by leftover pilaff from last night for lunch and then pomegranate seeds for afternoon snack. Dinner was a sweet potato soup boosted with coconut milk, ginger, garlic and a big dollop of the super greens mix. This helped with my milk craving a lot as it was so smooth and delicious. I've made a big bulk batch so I can have it for lunch tomorrow too.

I did almost have a slip-up at work as word spread around the office that there were free cakes in the kitchen. I managed to restrain myself but may have actually asked a colleague if I could have a sniff of her red velvet cupcake. She kindly obliged but definitely laughed at me!

The food has been great so far and I'm really enjoying cooking a lot with fresh ingredients. I used to be such an organised and healthy cook but have fallen way out of good habits so more than anything I hope I'll be able to keep this up beyond the 9 days. I wish I felt better physically, as so much of my attitude is connected to that. I know that this is normal though and I just have to persevere.

Mood: Ugh
Motivation: Varied between 4/10 and 7/10 – Hard to feel enthusiastic with a headache and weird sicky feeling.
Stomach: 5/10 – Wibbly, feels like a hunger feeling but I've actually eaten plenty all day. Must be missing cakes!
Energy: 4/10 – Can only improve from here I hope!


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