Wednesday, 17 September 2014

9 Day Liver Detox - Day 3

Onto day 3 and I'm feeling SO MUCH better. The headaches have gone and although I woke up feeling a bit cold and weary, a tasty bowl of warm breakfast muesli perked me right up.

Following this plan has made me realise how hard dieting is. Although I'm not doing this to try and lose weight, I've never followed a plan like this before so it's all new to me. I expected that taking all the choice away from my meals this week would make me think about food less but in truth it's the total opposite. Like yesterday and the Wotsit craving, random foods that have popped into my head today are:

  • Pizza hut stuffed crust pizza
  • Chorizo in red wine
  • Scrambled eggs (fortunately I can have these, and probably will soon)
Today's food was a breakfast of muesli with seed mix, cinnamon, chopped mango and blueberry. I'm gradually getting used to eating breakfast first thing and I've noticed it does make me a lot less hungry throughout the morning. Definitely going to keep this habit up!

Snacks today were plums and cashews in the morning, then carrot sticks in the afternoon. I may have neglected to chop my carrot into sticks and instead just nibbled on it like a rabbit, but it's all the same in the end isn't it?

For lunch I had leftover sweet potato soup from last night, and for dinner I've had a really delicious aubergine and borlotti bean dip with toasted rye bread. However, this was the first thing that I've had that I felt a bit weird. It was absolutely delicious, but it was listed as a lunch item and I swapped it dinner to spread my cooking times more evenly. I think this was a bit of a mistake because toast and dip would be an OK lunch but seemed like a really odd dinner. It tasted nice and smoky and would be great with a MASSIVE BAG OF KETTLE CHIPS so I'll be making that again.

The plan recommends that you have a smoothie every day and so after dinner I made one with banana, mango and coconut milk but kept it quite thick so it was a bit more like a yogurt.

I really surprised myself today with a few moments that could have been a challenge. A tin of Quality Street chocolates has appeared at work and I only felt tempted for a very fleeting moment. Then my sister came home and wanted me to help her bake a carrot cake and I didn't even consider licking the bowl. After dinner we watched The Great British Bakeoff and didn't even feel like the ravenous beast the show normally inspires in me, so I'm pretty sure my cravings are in check now. 

Hope this continues into tomorrow because I'll need all of my resolve as I face the biggest temptation so far...the pub!

Mood: Slightly above average. Vast improvement on yesterday but not amazing.
Motivation: 7/10 - I'm 1/3 of the way through already!
Stomach: 7/10 – No discomfort.
Energy: 6/10 – Fell asleep on the train on the way home so I'm off for an early night.


  1. Enjoying these posts, Holly - the food sounds quite yummy. And I quite agree re crisps, there's little in life that couldn't be improved by a MASSIVE BAG OF KETTLE CHIPS!