Friday, 5 February 2016

Awesome Podcasts by Awesome Women

I’ve been listening to podcasts for almost 10 years now and, while I started out with the likes of Ricky Gervais, Adam & Joe, and This American Life, this is no longer a man's world. A huge number of women are getting into the podcast game and it's amazing to hear so many voices and opinions on all sorts of stuff. No matter the subject, I especially love shows hosted by two women who get to shoot the breeze together on whatever they are passionate about. It’s a bit like overhearing a coffee shop conversation that you desperately want to be a part of, but way less creepy.

My faves are those where women combine serious shit with their personal experiences, and a dash of whatever mad nonsense celebs I'm half interested in are up to these days. Fortunately, there are some great ones out there and so I wanted to share my current faves.


This show is hosted by the hilarious duo Rhiannon Evans and Anna Alfreda Lewis who are obsessed with those Real Life Stories you see in magazines in the dentist’s waiting room. We’re talking women who got pregnant by ghosts, blokes who’ve shagged tractors, creeps breaking into houses to tickle the anuses of their sleeping victims. Yup, all true, all bonkers.

It’s foul mouthed, nausea inducing, and completely scandalous but it makes me laugh so much and has quickly leapt to the top of my episodes to listen to!

Start with: Any episode and a clean pair of knickers in case you pee yourself a bit.

Call Your Girlfriend

Podcast queens and long-distance besties Ann Friedman and Amintou Sow host this show which is the A+++ of the lady-pod world. In each episode they talk about whatever takes their fancy that week, mostly around feminism, pop culture, current affairs and the world of menstruation. This year they’re upping their game with the addition of regular Phone-a-Friend episodes bringing the voices of even more awesome women to the podcast world.

They’ve also just launched their very own newsletter, The Bleed. Sign up now!

Start with: Our Top Female Blowhard, mainly for the incredible interview with Ruth Ann Harnisch on living philanthropically. (From 26:15)

Being Boss

This podcast for creative entrepreneurs is hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon who are both experts in design, branding and digital biz. Episodes focus on topics like managing your finances, growing your audience, building a brilliant web presence. They also regularly feature amazing guests like BrenĂ© Brown, Tara Mohr and Brooke Castillo.

Oh man I love this show so much, I always come away with a list of inspired actions. They also have a ton of great resources and worksheets on their website

Start with: The very beginning and get psyched for learning a lot!

In more recent episodes, this one on the Value of Staying Small was really useful to me.

SRSLY is the pop culture podcast from New Statesman editors Caroline Crampton and Anna Leszkiewicz. Like Call Your Girlfriend they cover whatever they damn well like but with a leaning towards TV, film, books, and internet culture. So smart, so funny, so want to be their best friend.

Start with: The Friends Special which I loved so much especially Why Ross Is The Worst.

Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton host this show for Buzzfeed and cover race, gender, politics, pop culture and interview a ton of great people including Lena Dunham, Marlon Wayans, and Margaret Cho.

They have such an great dynamic and are natural podcasters. I could listen to them for hours and they always challenge the way I think about things, for the better!

Start with: The Betrayer of the Patriarchy where the ladies interview tech superstar Anil Dash.

From the awesome team at Book Riot, fellow book nerds (and redheads!) Rebecca Schinsky and Liberty Hardy give us a run down each week of what’s new in the world of books. This is my GO-TO place to find out about upcoming releases and though it’s US based it gives me plenty of time to get hyped up for new books before they come out in the UK.

Start with: The latest episode so you can top up your wishlist today!

Bookish Blether

Last year I started this podcast about books and reading with my awesome friend Nicola. Each episode covers what we’ve been reading, what we’ve been buying, and a different bookish topic from childhood faves to movie adaptations, reading slumps to reading splurges. We’ve been going for just over a year and we are so psyched to get together and chat about books every fortnight.

Start with: Our latest episode, what we’re looking forward to reading in 2016.

What podcasts from women do you love?


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