Wednesday, 3 February 2016

My Word of the Year for 2016

I’ve seen a few people write about their Word of the Year and am completely in love with this idea. You choose one word, one quality, one vision to focus on for the next 12 months. One word to drive you towards your goals. Gotta love that kind of clarity!

While I’m normally one for making quick and confident decisions I wanted to let this one linger for a little while, beyond the usual January impetus to IMPROVE ALL THE THINGS. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that if I’d been forced to choose a Word of the Year on January 1st that word would have been Cheese.

So I started with three words written down in my bullet journal:
  • Connection
  • Growth
  • Question

I’ve come back to these three words often over the past month and it's amazing how the mere act of writing them down has subconsciously inspired action. Despite January being a quiet month, I’ve done a whole lotta connecting. I’m not talking networking here, I’m talking big ole’ Deep and Meaningfuls. I’ve made some new friends, set up a tonne of Lady Dates. I’ve had some serious and important family chats. I’ve had frank ‘What do we want 2016 to look and feel like’ discussions at work.

And Growth feels like a natural evolution from Connection. The more people I meet the more I think, the more I read and study the more I top up my brain and my heart with awesomeness. To me, that’s growth. Knowledge, inspiration, connection, it all leads to a bigger, better me.

So Connection and Growth seem to be looking after themselves, and that leaves me with Question.

As a digital project manager asking questions is a big part of my job, but I want to get better at iterating. What’s going well here? What could be done better next time?

As the owner of a wedding business I ask these questions a lot, constantly aiming to improve the service I offer. What more can you offer? How can you work smarter?

As a woman with a voice and many, MANY, opinions I want to get better at understanding and expressing myself. What happened in the past that led to this viewpoint? What bollocks are you carrying that gets in the way of your future? What’s your truth here?

As a woman who is all about looking ahead to the future I want to be the one driving, not just sitting back and allowing it to happen. Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there? What’s the first step? What now? What next?

These are all questions I ask the wonderful people I coach, and this year I want to ask them more of myself. To understand my motivations, to improve the ways I work, to meet more people. So that’s it. My Word of the Year for 2016 is Question. Here’s to 11 months of self-awareness and deep-dive understanding.

What's your word of 2016?